[the story in short]

You know it from watching a film or reading a very good novel:  there is always a hero, a conflict and maybe a dragon involved. Together with a good bunch of other extra spicy ingredients, suspense is so high that you keep turning the page from one chapter to the next. But what exactly creates these exciting moments?



And far more importantly: How can we bring this degree of excitement into our real life? Creating these moments, in your company, in your working life or whereever it may be, when you’re so thrilled about everything, filled with adrenaline and bursting through everyone’s door telling them how amazing your day is. This is what ‘Building High Energy’ stands for: for people and organisations with strong leadership skills. 


Belinda Faust

Organisational Culture & Leadership Consultant

I’ve always had a faible for stories involving teams of special forces and how they manage the most difficult tasks. My background in acting, especially improvisation theatre & experience from several agencies within casting, sales and online marketing flow together for my dedication to organisational development.


[the story’s long version … you’re a very patient one, huh?]

But … there is always a but. More often than not, doors are rarely burst open by over-enthusiastic adults.

A pity.

Instead I felt there was a rather frightening amount of flat and listless faces around. Or are we after all doomed to the fact that adrenaline belongs to the fictional world only? Curious, I was eager to figure out how enthusiasm could be generated, so I decided to take up the quest 🙂


As in any other adventure you obviously won’t come back the next day with a hyper-enlightenment.  So the quest took me a lot of time and effort. Going through setbacks, deceptions, taking diversions and plenty of misguided paths. Yet, in the middle of it all, you also get into these spheres of unexpected treats, rewards and real peaks of adrenaline: charismatic people you meet that you wouldn’t think exist, team mates unfolding their super(wo)man power once they’ve become aware of it and now imagine the top of the iceberg, them operating on the same MISSION – you will get an instoppable team. 
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The EXCALIBUR of Skills

Wondering what makes a team invincible, I was for a long time mainly focusing on individual skill-areas. Like when everybody does their best at what they do, it’ll certainly add up. That was exploring how people speak, how they get to a sharp repartee, how people express themselves, the vast treasure chest of acting skills, exploring how every language creates an emotional universe on its own (… which then exist as parallel worlds at the same time but this is a different story), and many more fields. These individual skill areas certainly do involve other people, yet I mainly consider them as ‘individual’ skills. They are great. But the Excalibur – the skill we need to create leadership – is: BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL ENVIRONMENT. 


The GAME of Successful Environments

By environment we understand the relation of you connected with others. Interdependency, group dynamics, team workflows, …, are just some of the terms.

The group brings together personal skills and the skills that only develop in a group. That is, they are invisible until they are suddenly needed – unless you train them. And no special forces team would go on an operation without having played the game before.

There is a lot at stake: your energy, time, revenue, mental and physical health to assert yourself in the game. Instead of just watching others play, it’s your time to take leadership.
#charismatic personalities and organisations taking the lead. 

What is the area you want to build leadership in?


Inspired by perspectives from

Jim Collins           Gerald Hüther     

 John Kotter        Edgar Schein

David Laroche     Thaddaeus Koroma

Napoleon Hill    Vera Birkenbihl 

    Keith Johnstone       Jim Hemerling 

    Simon Sinek    Syd Field
    White Collar           J.J. Abrams



Jim Collins           Gerald Hüther       John Kotter        Edgar Schein

David Laroche             Thaddaeus Koroma         Napoleon Hill

Vera Birkenbihl      Keith Johnstone       Jim Hemerling       Simon Sinek

Syd Field        White Collar           J.J. Abrams    …